Adding page breaks to a document

In a document, you can control when a new page should start. For example, you can have a page break before each new section and have page numbering restart for each section.

You can add page breaks to a document whenever a new section begins. For example, to create a cover page, use the Document Header to display the information and insert a page break after the Document Header. Or, to print each Detail section on a separate page, add page breaks after each section. To print the Detail header and Detail footer separately from the Detail section, use the Before and after section setting.

You can also add page breaks between groups.  For more information, see Inserting page breaks between groups.

To add page breaks for sections

  1. Open the document in Design or Editable Mode.

  2. Select the section to print or display on a new page. To do this, click in a blank area in the section.

  3. Right-click the section and select Properties and Formatting. The Properties and Formatting dialog box opens.

  4. From the left, select Layout.

  5. From the Force New Page drop-down list in the PDF section, select how you want the page break to occur:

  6. Click OK to save your changes and return to the document.

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